Security consultancy services GMR Raxa
Security consultancy services GMR Raxa


At RAXA, we understand the critical importance of safety and security for your business assets. With our unmatched expertise and experience, we ensure that crises never cripple your operations. As a trusted partner with a strong Pan India presence and a highly qualified core team, along with a network of Associate Consultants, we deliver top-notch security consultancy services tailored to meet your unique business needs.

Why Choose RAXA

Proven Trust: Backed by the renowned GMR Group with 18 years of safeguarding assets across India, RAXA stands as a reliable and trusted name in the security industry.

Expert Endorsement: Our team of experts has earned the trust of various business organizations across Aviation, Power, Pharma, Real Estate, and Energy sectors, making us the preferred choice for comprehensive security solutions.

Professional Prowess: Our leadership, armed with rich security experience and guided by eminent IPS members on the RAXA Board, embodies the essence of professionalism. Our ethical foundations, unwavering code of conduct, dedication to business excellence, and a robust training system together create an environment of utmost professionalism.

Training Excellence: What sets RAXA apart is our unwavering commitment to training excellence. Our highly skilled team doesn't just recommend security measures; they are meticulously trained to implement and optimize them effectively.

Complete Security Solutions: RAXA goes beyond mere consultancy – we provide comprehensive security solutions, covering physical, technical and cyber domains. From fortifying your premises to shielding your digital assets, our all-encompassing approach adds unparalleled value to the security strategies we shape. We're a technologically driven force. With the capability to design and implement high-level security and advanced fire safety solutions, we empower your business with the latest tools in the security arsenal.

Proactive Safeguarding: At RAXA, we don't just react; we pre-emptively shield your business. Our proactive stance ensures anticipation of potential threats, enabling us to create robust defences, minimize risks, and bolster your security resilience.

Aviation Security Consultancy - Fortifying the Skies

The landscape of aviation security has seen a radical transformation since the late '80s, with significant security incidents that forever altered our perceptions about threats to airport security. RAXA takes pride in being at the forefront of aviation security consultancy, countering evolving threats with innovative solutions and exclusive access to GMR Airport assets and technology.

Staying Ahead with Innovation: At RAXA, we remain committed to staying up-to-date with emerging threats and security trends. Our constant investment in research and development enables us to offer cutting-edge solutions that protect your business from evolving risks.

Partner with RAXA Today: Experience peace of mind, knowing your business is in the hands of seasoned security experts. Our customer-centric approach and dedication to excellence have earned us a reputation for delivering outstanding results. Safeguard your business against crisis; choose RAXA's security consultancy services. Together, let's build a safer and more secure future for your organization.

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