Security consultancy services GMR Raxa
Security consultancy services GMR Raxa


We have a Pan India presence with highly qualified and experienced core team and Associate Consultants on panel.

Being a subsidiary of GMR Group, founded nearly 16 years ago, we have a proven track record of keeping all the GMR Group assets secure pan India and Internationally.

Our team of experts is trusted by various business organizations in multiple sectors including aviation, power, pharma, real estate and energy.

We are adept at building security roadmaps tailored to suite unique business requirements. Each security solution proposed includes a recommended plan paired with strategic goals of the business organization.

Aviation Security Consultancy

Aviation security today has undergone a radical transformation from the late 80s due to paradigm changes in the nature of threats, as evidenced by the various significant security incidents affecting the air travel. Some of the catastrophic incidents that have completely changed the perception about the sources of threats to airport security forever include, the explosion of the Pan Am Flight 103 in 1988 flying from Frankfut over Lockerbie in the UK, the unforgettable 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001 on the World Trade Centre with devastating consequences, the 2006 terrorist attempt to attack with carry on liquid explosives on a number of flights operating between UK and USA, the explosion on Air India Flight 182 operating on Montreal Delhi route, the missile attack on Malayasian AIrlines in 2018, and the terrorist attacks on landslide/terminal buildings at Brussels, Istanbul, Glasgow and the Domedovo International Airport in Russia.

RAXA is a leading name in aviation security consultancy with a proven record of successfully delivering results. Our unique access to GMR airport assets and technology, knowledge, expert skills and highly qualified human resources enables us to offer exclusive and customized services in airport security operations.

The current threat and risk environment demands that aviation security remains among the highest of priorities for the global international community. Depsite enhancements to the security systems, terrorists continue to view civil aviation as an attractive target and continue to exploit real or perceived vulnerabilities in the international civil aviation system, with the aim of causing substantial loss of life, economic damage, disruption to connectivity and trade between airports/countries and gain media attention.


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