We focus on

nurturing the talent and skills of employees by focusing on their holistic development. We ensure to provide consistent training through learning programmes that help them sharpen their techniques and stay updated on the trends in security solutions

what we do

The UNNATI Employee Programme is focused on providing growth and career progression opportunities for guards, marshals and supervisors through helping them develop their knowledge and skills. This is carried out by forming study circles called Abhyasa. Each circle contains no more than 8 to 10 guards, who meet regularly to share knowledge and skills among themselves. The guards are given counselling & training, enabling employees to study and prepare themselves for competitive exams.

The UNNATI for Organization Programme is designed to provide organizational development through the GMR Business Excellence Model, helping businesses build capabilities to adapt efficiently and effectively to rapidly changing business environments. The initiative focuses on understanding the organisation’s strengths & weaknesses through small group activities focused on process improvements, finding ways to minimise errors, optimise cost and deliver better customer satisfaction.

how it works

UNNATI Circles are formed at all the units covering all the Security Guards. Each UNNATI Circles contains not more than 8 to 10 guards.

The UNNATI Circles also take up Kaizen, 5 S Projects and CIPs at respective locations for improvement of security processes.

Counselling and training are given to employees for self-development and to prepare for competitive exams.

UNNATI Circle members meet regularly to share knowledge among themselves.

Security related study material is shared with them through Smart Phones by the Organization.